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Hi. My name is Ethan McGill. I am a software developer of 8 years. I currently have my efforts focused on developing a project app for one of the biggest companies (this part I cannot disclose yet!) and I am awfully excited everyday as I work with very promising talents. Some of them are barely out od college and then there are those who are out of school and dedicating their time to doing what can be called our passion and art  app development.

As I head this team of promising talents, I get constant feedback of how thankful they are about being part of this dynamic team. They are apparently the envy of their contemporaries being in the position that they are in. I love the energy around these guys. They are just so eager to learn and absorb. They are so dedicated and open to opportunities to improve. I certainly am wishing there were more of them. And so I came up with this exciting idea to put up a site that would be able to reach out to those who have dreams of developing apps in the future.

There is so much talent around the globe. Apparently the pool of talent is just waiting to be tapped. This site is a resource and guide for everyone who want to take a leap at app development. I want to share the information and knowledge to everyone regardless of age and background. For as long as you have the interest, I will be more than willing to share what I can with you in the same way I guide and mentor my team.

While majoring in computer science or software development or web development can be a great leverage, I still would want to impart with you that interest and dedication are more important factors. These are the every core values that can get you through learning about apps and development. At this point, I also want to share with you that two of my brilliant kids in the team are actually biology majors. They just happen to love the aspect of app development and have learned to balance their field of study and their interest.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit here with what I offer. I am welcome to comments and questions. Shoot me a line at and I will do my best to be of help. Thank you and come back again soon!